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Running from January 1, 1995 until December 31, 2006.

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Computer Links
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602Pro PC, makers of Word Processor & Spreadsheet, a shareware office suite for Win 95/98, review of 602Pro PC office suite, E-mail, Fax, Voice mail System, Share Internet Access, Anti-Virus Protection

@comm, makers of Town Square (integrated PBX, LAN and High Speed Internet Access System for small and medium businesses).

About Portal site for watching trends in portal development.

Absolute Software Corp makers of Computrace (agent/recovery service) (stolen computer phones home when used), LoJack for Laptops.

AccessData makers of AccessData Forensic Toolkit

AccessWatch, a perl script for web site traffic analysis.

ACDSee multiple graphics file viewer

ACER America, makers of PCs, ... ACER America - Technical Support

ACME, makers of software for creation of interactive FAQs.

ACS Innovation makers of Freespeech (card that allows you to use telephone to talk over the internet).

Act contact management software (now owned by Sage)
Ed Foster's Gripelog Sage Has A Toough ACT To Follow

ActiveNames Inc., a free service to track/manage e-mail address changes.

Active Tools Inc., Clustor software (run software on multiple computers)

Active Touch WebEx (free online meeting room)

Ad/Spyware Blockers/PopUp Blockers:
PC World 15 Ways to Block Annoying Ads and Pop-Ups, by Steve Bass, Monday, November 12, 2007
PopupTest.com Test your popup blocker software.
Keohyr Choose And Test Your Pop-Up Killer
Ad Muncher block ads, popups, ... (fee and TrialPay versions)
AdSubtract blocks banner ads, block new cookies and manage/delete existing cookies.
AdExtinguisher or AdExtinguisher is a freeware banner ad blocking program
WRQ AtGuard or @Guard (ad blocker, cookie blocker, safer surfing, ...
Bannercatcher (stop pop up ads)
Google toolbar (includes pop-up blocking
Guidescope ad blocking software/service.
Intercantech AdsOff
Internet Mute InterMute, ADSubtract (block cookies, ads, ...), ...
JunkBusters Corporation Internet Junkbuster (kill ads, cookies, ...
LavaSoft or LavaSoft AD-aware (adware/spyware killer)
Meaya Software Popup Ad Filter (stop those annoying popup ads-requires I.E. v5.0+)
Ontrack Data International Internet Cleanup (cookie management tool)
Proxomitron free web proxy and garbage buster
AD-aware (adware/spyware killer) LavaSoft
Proxomitron Universal Web Filter
Siemens or AdMuncher ad blocker
Spybot Search & Destroy spybot killer
Webwasher.com WebWasher (acts like a proxy server, but also has filters, access blocking, ...) (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Symantec Norton Internet Security Suite (firewall, application control, ...), (filter ads, cookies, pop-ups, ...)
WebWiper, Inc remove advertisments, pop-ups, ...
Panicware Pop-Up Stopper, Surf Pal, Don't Panic (stop pop up ads)
PopUp Killer, kills popup windows before you see them.
Softica Solutions Banner Catcher
No SpyWare List Of Known Spyware Infested Software
InfoWorld Rid Your System Of The Aureate Trojan Horse (SpyWare)
Radiate (Aureate Media) uninstaller for the Aureate Trojan/Spyware (from the people that wrote the Tojan in the first place-if you can trust them).
slashdot The World's Most Annoying IE Toolbar
and.doxdesk.com Xupiter, Parasites And Other Nasties

Pop Up Ads Must Die:
Popup Ads Must Die! links, web ring, ...
Pop Ups Must Die links, web ring, ...
How to remove pop up banners for good on your webpage.
Guard-IE makers of a pop up blocker
GhostSurf makers of a pop up blocker
PC World.com pop up blocking software
PC World A Two-Pronged Spyware Defense - Keep The Torrent Of Snooping Software Off Your PC Before And After It Strikes

URL and e-mail blockers/filters/monitors:
Azy Barak, PH.D.
GetNetWise.org parents, learn about the net, and the tools to protect children.
SafeKids.com parents, learn about the net, and the tools to protect children.
CleanWeb URL/site filter/block
Content Technologies MIMESweeper e-mail blocking
CornerPost Software Chaperon (server based URL filtering)
CyberPatrol URL blocking
CyberSitter URL blocking
Elron Software CommandView Internet Manager URL blocking (and monitor employee internet usage)
KeyGhost (monitor employee internet usage) (log keystroke of employees)
Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) MAPS e-mail blocking
N2H2 URL blocking
Net Nanny URL blocking
NetSpective (monitor employee internet usage)
O'Reilly Windows Dev Center.com Kill Internet Ads with HOSTS and PAC files.
Proxomitron Universal Web Filter
Raytheon, maker of SilentRunner (monitor employee internet usage)
Secure Computing SmartFilter URL blocking (and monitor employee internet usage)
SurfControl SurfControl and SuperScout URL and e-mail blocking (and monitor employee internet usage)
SurfMonkey children's web browser
SurfWatch URL blocking
Symantec I-Gear URL blocking (and monitor employee internet usage), Mail-Gear e-mail blocking
WebSense URL blocking (and monitor employee internet usage)
WebSense whitepapers, studies, ... on personal web surfing in the workplace.

Opt Out information for Major Ad Networks:
Real Media, Privacy Policy
24/7 Media


Ad Cops is a membership consortium formed to protect online advertisers from fraudulent impressions, cliks and e-commerce. An online database of alleged cheaters.

Adaptec web site, Adaptec FTP site Adaptec Windows ASPI Package v4.70 Downloads Adaptec Support Knowledge (ASK), Adaptec FTP site EZCD 3.x Lite, obsolete files, older files makers of SCSI cards, network cards, (owners of Future Domain, Trantor, ...) ...

Adaptec FTP mirror site lots of older stuff (DOS, Future Domain, ...)

Addonics makers of PocketZip (portable ZIP drive intended for use with laptops and PCMCIA cards) WebShuttle (internet sharing device for Ethernet networks), LS-120 SuperDrive (bootable, 1.44 compatible), ...

Address Book:
Dawn Dawn, the Address Book Converter and Manager
Ten Mile Software Contacts Plus - frontt end for Outlook address book
SSuite Office Software installed or portable address book. free.
Koolgo.net Addressido portable address book (without import or export)
RGS-Avance CardMaster contact/address manager

ADS Technology, makers of various USB technology, including PC Card USB ports, hubs, docking stations, network adapters, ...

ADIC - Advanced Digital Information Corporation makers of backup hardware, ...

Adobe Systems, makers of PDF cross platform software, Adobe Systems what version of Adobe Flash Player is installed on your system?
Adobe Systems download Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader free download
Photoshop (image creation/editing), GoLive (web authoring and site management), Adobe Premier (video editing), ...

PDF-o-matic convert any web page into a HTML document.

AdRem Software makers of AdRem Server Manager (manage, maintain and monitor NetWare Servers v3.12, 4.x and v5.x), AdRem Secure Remote Console (NDS dependant, TCP/IP, IPX, NetWare v3.2, v4.x, v5.x), ... Remote Console is now freeware, all other products are still commercial products.

Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. makers of file conversion software R-Doc/X (for older software), WordPort or Wordport for Windows (for newer software) (DOS and Windows).

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) makers of alternative CPUs for the PC platform, like AMD K6 RISC processors and AMD K7 (Athlon) RISC processors, ...
AMD processor pricing as of March 13, 2002

Advanced Systems Concepts makers of ActiveBatch (distributed job management and scheduling system, that supporst execution of batch jobs across a heterogeneous set of platforms).

AdventNet Inc Network Management, Systems Management and Applications Management

Advercast makers of Surf Secret, software that cleans the web browser cache, document menu, run menu, find menu, recycle bin, ...

Aelita Software, makers of ERDisk for Windows NT and Windows 2000 (backup and disaster recovery), ERDisk for Active Directory (backup), Controlled Migration Suite (migrate NT 4.0 to Win 2000), ...

AG Group makers of AGNetTools (free IP utility suite for MAC, Win 95, Win NT), EtherPeek (protocol Analyzer), ....

Agate makers of PC and laptop hot swappable device bays.

Agilent Technologies Agilent Advisor (protocol analyzer, ...), ...

aignes.com WebSite-Watcher (monitor websites for changes), DeadLink (bookmark link checker), ...

Ailanto Computer Links Pagelinks to operating systems (DOS, CP/M, Unix, ...), programming (C, C++, Pascal, Basic, ...), programs, utilities, information, ...

Aladdin Systems, Inc. makers of various softwares including, Flashback (versioning software), Private File (encryption), Stuffit (compression-ZIP, SIT, UUE, ...), Aladdin Expander (compression manager), eSafe Gateway (content security), ...

Alchemy Mindworks makers of GIF construction set.

Alchemy Lab Software makers of Asset Tracker for Networks, ...
Alchemy Lab Remote Control Pro (view and control workstations)

Glen Alcott Shareware Page for Win 95/98/NT, Directory Printer, Directory Compare, Super Text Search, Font Look.

Alexander Lan, Inc. Automatic crash recovery software for Novell NetWare networks (NLM).

Alga Computing makers of QueryWeb Windows based program to extract records from a database, and create files and directories to store them in).

AlohaBob's PC Relocator transfer personal information/settings from one PC to another.

Altiris, Inc. makers of RapiDeploy (disk cloning), RapidInstall (software distribution), PC Transplant Pro (selectively replicate applications, personalized settings, system components, ... from one PC to another), ...

Altris, Inc. Automatic multiple workstation configuration software for Novell NetWare networks (NLM), PC Transplant Pro (migrate user settings from one PC to another), ...

All Micro or All Micro makers of various kinds of software: diagnostic, self-education, netware utilities, ...

Allied Telesyn International makers of network hardware - NICs, hubs, ...

AlTaMIRA Group makers of Genuine Fractals (lossless expansion and reduction of graphical images), a plug in for various graphic editors (PhotoDeluxe, Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, ...)

Altrasoft makers of an object oriented code browser that supports 8 languages, and works undere DOS, Windows, Unix variants, ...

Amedia makers of PCI cards that support USB, for Win 95 machines.

American Computer Company Transfer Capicator Storage Device

American Computer Exchange publishes a used computer price index (compare prices).

American Power Conversion (APC) web site - main page and Sizing Your UPS or Sizing Your UPS and Upgrading Your Software or Upgrading Your Software or Reseller Xtreme or Reseller or VIP Pass to Trade Shows or Power News E-Mail Zine or APC Currents Now! Web Edition or ProtectME screensaver or Reliability By Design Seminars or Seminars or Auction (new and refurbished) or Product Promos or Product Demos makers of Uninterruptible Power Supplys (UPS), ...

APC Recalls Of Two UPS Models
APC Safety Recall
APC Safety Recall

American Systems, makers of PrintScreen Deluxe, EZ Scheduler, Internet EZ Search, TidyDisk, Print Screen, EZ Macros, ...

Anathar software protection via key diskette

AnalogX a music band, and software writers (Win 9x) (audio software, utilities, pop-up killer, web server on a diskette, data speed analysis, ...), info, links, ...

Anark maker of Emotion 3D (animate images for your web site).

Anawave Software maker of WebSnake (offline browser), Gravity newsreader client software, ...

Daniel David Anderson Reign Ware or, new address: Daniel David Anderson Reign Ware DOS freeware utilities, with Pascal source code.

Animation.com, create your own free animated banner or business card.

Annand's Hardware Tech Page

Antec maker of PhotoChute 3 USB Universal Card Reader (for reading memory cards from laptops and digital cameras).

AntiWord convert Word documents to plain ASCII text (multiple platforms: DOS, BeOS, Linux, NetWare, Win32, ...)

AnVir Task Manager (free and fee)

Apcon, makers of hardware, including SCSI Switches (share SCSI peripherals between multiple hosts), SCSI Fiber Optic Extenders, SCSI Booster/Expander, ...

Applian Technologies Free FLV Player, FLV Converter and FLV Recorder

ASAP Utilities add-ins for Excel Spreadsheets. tools, macros, ...

Application Service Provider (ASP): (pay per use software).
AllAboutASP.com a buyer's guide, advie, glossary of terms, links to market research, listings and details of industry events, ...
ASP Industry Consortium news, resources, calendar, FAQ, ...
ASP Industry Consortium news, resources, calendar, FAQ, ...
ASP Industry Consortium
Internet Research Group Application Service Providers (ASP): A Market Overview
Wired News story on the future of renting software
Avcom Technologies, creators of WebHarbor.com an ASP portal
All About ASP (from ASP Industry Consortium)
ASPnews.com news about the ASP industry.
ASPNewsReview.com news about the ASP industry (monthly industry e-mail newsletter).
ASP Watch.com news about the ASP industry.
APPS.com listing of more than 5,000 web based applications.
Alentis searchable directory of 300+ ASPs, news, ...
Concentric Network Application Infrastructure Provider AIP
eCertain partners with ASPs, to provide a secure service for transferring sensitive files over the Internet.
Jamcracker ASP integrator
searchASP.com ASP specific search engine, news, chat with experts, tech tips, ...
Biztro ASP
Corio ASP
Employease ASP
Exodus ASP
LearningStation.com ASP
OpenDesk.com a free source-code ASP (using open source applications)
Personable.com ASP
Qwest Cyber.Solutions ASP
SafeHarbor.com ASP
ThinkFree.com ASP
vJungle ASP
USinternetworking ASP
Vitalworks.com ASP

Arcnet Find out more about this topology.

Arco Computer Products, Inc., makers of DupliDiskDirect (IDE hard drive failover for desktop PCs).

Argent Software, Inc. or Argent Software, Inc. makers of Windows NT utility software including Quota Server (limit drive space available to users), ....

Ars Technica Failed Windows 3.1 system blamed for shutting down Paris airport - And the people who understand the old operating system are all retiring.

Artisoft, Inc. makers of
- Lantastic (peer-to-peer network software)
- ModemShare (modem sharing software - DOS/Win3.1, Win95)
- CoSession Remote (remote control software)
- i.Share (proxy server)

Asante Technologies, Inc. makers of networking hardware for MACs, and ...

Ascent Solutions, Inc. makers of MultiZIP compression software that runs on the Novell File Server.

askSam Systems makers of AskSam (freeform database), SurfSaver, a database for storing web pages (includes search functions), ...

ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals

Asymetrix Web 3D (video editing), ...

A T & T Research Virtual Network Computing (VNC) (platform independent thin client, provide remote desktop control over a network)
Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
A T & T Labratories - The Sentient Computing Project allow any computer to follow you, and display your computer settings on whatever computer you are on.

Atek Electronics maker of Super Mini Optical Mouse (a very small USB), ...

Atek super mini optical mouse, ...

ATM Vendors
Asynhronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Forum
Bay Networks (Nortel)
Cabletron Systems
Cisco Systems
Fujitsu Network Switching
Fore Systems
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Internation Business Machines (IBM)
Lucent Technologies
Madge Networks
NEC America
Newbridge Networks
Switched Network Technologies

Atomic Clock online. See what the current time is (give or take 1 sec for internet travel time).

Audacity: Free (cross platform, open source) Audio Editor and Recorder

Matthew Malensek eRVX - an easier volume control
NirSoft Volumouse - Control the sound volume with a wheel mouse
Free Audio Video Software

Auerbach Publications books about computing on paper and CD-ROM.

Authentica makers of MailVault e-mail security system.

AutoPurge NLM that purges file by age, by owner, or by file type.

Texh Xpress Tools to AutoUpdate Installed Software Programs
AutoUpdate+ automate updating your software.

Avalan Technology, Inc makers of software-Remotely Possible (remote control) (Win 95 & Win NT) and (free 30 day trial) ...

Avanti Technology, Inc. makers of software to manage Novell NetWare file servers.
- NConsole (Baseline Sample/Statistical NLM)
- TaskMaster (Batch Job/Task Scheduler NLM)
- NodeInfo (File/User Access Management), ...

Avatier Corporation makers of Password Bouncer (NT/2000 password checker-prevent use of simple passwords)

avideomux free video editor for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

AXE A Hex Editor

AXCEL216 / MDGx DOS Power Toys

Axis Communications makers of CD server hardware/software, print servers, ...

Axonix Corporation makers of CD server hardware/software, ...

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